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Monday 1st September, 2014

Dear 3K,

What is special about today’s date?

Our Inquiry Expo is this Thursday and your homework is related to the work you have been doing in preparation for this.  I will go through the homework at some stage during the day so that everybody knows what they are expected to do. 

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin 


Homework – Term 3 Week 8

This Thursday is our Inquiry Expo.

I know that you are very excited to present your work at the Expo. I have been very pleased with the way you have worked on your Mood Boards with the children in your particular group.  You have been active learners and you have displayed team work.

For your homework this week I would like you to write your Inquiry Question and at least 3 facts that you have learned during your investigations. You can also comment on how your group has worked together, but please do not name any individual children. 

Friday 29th August, 2014

Dear 3K,

You will be finishing typing up your Reports and your Compare and Contrast pieces of writing in the first hour this morning.

In the second hour you will be working on your Mood Boards.

We have got Maths Rotations after recess and our Unit Assembly after lunch.

Have a great day,
From Mr. Kilmartin

Thursday 28th August, 2014

Dear 3K,

The Mood Boards are looking great! We will give you another hour tomorrow morning to work on them.

Don’t forget that we will be having a practice Lockdown drill at some stage this week.

Book Club is due on Monday.

Have a great day,
From Mr. Kilmartin

Wednesday 27th August, 2014

Dear 3K,

We will be working on our Mood Boards for the first 2 hours this morning with Mrs. Lewellin’s grade. Most groups are up to putting the pictures, slogans and quotes onto their board.

I hope you showed your parents the concert note. I will talk about it at some stage during the day.

Don’t forget that your homework needs to be completed by Friday morning.  You can do it in the Computer Lab with Mrs. Dickson at lunchtime today.

Have a great day,
From Mr. Kilmartin

Tuesday 26th August, 2014

Dear 3K,

You will be spending 2 hours today working on getting your Mood Boards ready for next week’s Expo.  It will be the hour after P.E. and the hour after lunch.  Don’t forget your Mood Boards need a slogan, some quotes and maybe some statistics.

At some stage this week we will be having a practice Lockdown drill.  I will explain more about what that involves later on.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin



Monday 25th August, 2014

Dear 3K,

For our Maths session today I will be giving you time to finish making your playing cards for the Time game you are creating, as well as getting you to make an analogue clock with five minute intervals.

In our Inquiry lesson after lunch we will be looking at Anna and Vincent’s Mood Board and coming up with some ideas that you can plan for your particular Mood Board. 

It was great to see us get a score of 1 and a half points for our attendance last week.  Keep it up!

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Homework – Term 3 Week 7



One of our inquiry questions for the Expo is ‘How can we promote Liddiard Road Primary School as a great school in the community?’

For your homework this week you are to write a few sentences about the excellent facilities and resources we have here, as well as the wonderful educational learning opportunities that help to make Liddiard Road Primary School an exciting place to be part of.

Have a look at our school website.

Friday 22nd August, 2014

Dear 3K,

We are going to the Life Ed Van first thing this morning to see Jan and Harold.

After recess we have got Maths groups.

Miss Stephens will be coming in after Maths groups to be interviewed by Peace and Jack.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Thursday 21st August, 2014

Dear 3K,

Today is Daffodil Day to help raise money for Cancer Research.  It is also the last day that you can buy the merchandise.

Today is Dazzler Lunch day for those children who have ordered it.

There are new Maths Groups starting today.  I will let you know which groups you are in.

The Book Swap is today and will be held in the library at lunch time.

We will be visiting Harold and Jan in the Life Ed Van tomorrow first up at 8.45 am so please get to school on time.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin


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