Homework – Term 3 Week 4


 OWI – Observe, Wonder, Infer
1.  What do you observe?
2.  What does it make you wonder?
3.  What do you think is going on?

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  1. I observe that they are swimming in a swimming pool.
    I also observe that the swimming pool is inside the house because it looks like a bed and a dressing table.
    I also observe that the swimming pool is a sophisticated pool.
    I observe that the house is a duplex mansion or 2 story house.

    Wonder: I wonder how much the swimming pool cost?
    I wonder if the swimming pool is available at all times.

    I infer that they are having a pool party.
    I also infer that the people that own the house have a special button that they press and they get to wish for the things they want.


    • I loved the way when you start a new one you leave a space that’s really smart peace. I also love the way you named each paragraph so that the people who read know if you are doing the infer wonder or observe. Nice job peace


    • peace i like the way that you add a lot of intresting words like sophisticated


  2. I observe that that they are rich and have brought a swirly pool

    I wonder if they have more fragile stuff in their house

    I infer if they are pushing in or going in line


  3. I wonder how they got the swirly pool did they buy it did they get it for free? did they receive it from someone?


  4. i infer that they live in a fancy hotel and when you walk outside you can ride on the swirly pool. i also infer that they are rich because they have shiny beds and lamps. and pretty plants and bushes.


    • your thinking is good anna because you have done what you think and not what someone else thinks you are doing a great job with your thinking


  5. I observe people going down a swirl pool. inside a hotel that has 3 stories in it. I can also observe their reflection in the water that is the shadow created bye the sun. I observe it is also a sunny day.


  6. I wonder if they are super star swimmers. or if they were in the were in a swimming contest.


  7. I observe people


  8. I observe that people are swimming.
    I observe a bedroom for people to sleep in.

    I wonder if the people get to go in the pool for free or if they have to pay.
    I wonder if its available at all times for every one.
    I also wonder if people have to sign up to go in the pool.

    I infer if its a pool party or a vacation.
    I infer people having fun in the swimming pool.


  9. I observe people floating on there back
    I wonder who put the water in
    I infer if there is a boss there because if they do something wrong the swimming pool person can tell them off


  10. 1I Observe people in a pool
    2 I wonder how people build the pool
    3 I infer that people live I it


    • Jayden I think you should put some spaces in between when you start to type because you have got the one next to the I so I think you might have to say something like saying thank you Tamara.


  11. I see a big hotel with pools on there balcony.

    I wonder how the people put all the water in.

    I infer that it is a hotel and people are spending a holiday.


  12. 1 I observe 5 people.
    2 I observe 3 pools. 3 I observe a pole

    1 I wonder if their on a weekend
    2 I wonder if they live their
    3 I wonder if the water is hot or cold

    1 I think it is a hot day
    2 I think it’s a good day for them
    3 I think haveing fun


  13. Observe, Wonder , infer. I Observe people floating in a giant pool.
    I wonder if it is a hotel.
    I think the owner of this house is very, very rich because it is really big !!!!


  14. I wonder if they are at a hotel


  15. I wonder if they are at a rich hotel and the manager is rich so he can afford to buy the hotel and run it


  16. it looks like a futuristic outdoor swimming pool


  17. i obserbe that people swimming in a pool.
    i infer the pool is is in a hotel.
    i wonder if the people live there.


  18. this is my O.W.I

    observe: I observe people,water and a pool.

    wonder: I wonder if the pool is popular,if the water is cold


  19. I Observe that it’s a hotel because it’s got a really big water slide. I wonder if it’s a pool party or just a famous place. I infer it’s in Los Angeles.


  20. I observe people swimming in pools on three decks on a hotel.
    It makes me wonder how they built the pools hanging off the side of the hotel.
    I think the people are relaxing and swimming in and around the pools on a sunny day.


  21. I think that they are at a place where there is some very fragile stuff that you can’t touch


  22. Do you know how Mr Kilmartin showed us the look to learn thing, I checked it and there were actually 4 swimming pools. And the top one has 2 men on top talking (that’s what I infer).


  23. I observe that there is a heater to warm the people up when they are really freezing cold.


  24. I observe that there is a water slide under a pool.

    I wunder if the pool is cold.

    I infer if it is a holtall.


  25. When my grade was doing their inquiry question I think my group went awesome because we used the colours of the texters that were in like a rainbow and we used the green colours from the texters and that was because of my group that is doing the environment for the expo.


  26. This Thursday is the grade threes inquiry expo will be held in the hall for the grade threes only is that going to be tru Mr.kilmartin.


  27. Observe: I observe that the building looks like it has three different parts of the hotel and I also think that it has people in the swimming pools that are on the different room floors and that I think people go to sleep on the bed that is on the first floor on top.
    Wonder: I wonder if the people get heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of food that they should have to eat when their not hungry at all and then if they don’t eat they will starve to death and then they will get thirsty and they will probably end up dieing because they did not do those things and that is probably why they have died because they did not eat or have a drink at all in the picture Mr Kilmartin and it looks a bit weird!


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