Homework – Term 3 Week 5

OWI – Observe, Wonder, Infer

1.  What do you observe?
2.  What does it make you wonder?
3.  What do you think is going on?

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  1. I infer that the creature is sad Because of the way it is looking.


    • Observe
      1. A brown leaf.
      2.some grey rocks.
      3. some legs

      1.If it’s an insect.
      2.if it’s endangered.
      3.What is it called.


  2. I wounder if it is a endangered animal.


  3. I observe that it is a brown insect that can fly.


  4. I infer that it is a old and wise Butterfly.


  5. Observe: I observe that the insect looks like a butterfly because of its antennas.
    I observe that the insect is in a place that has cement or concrete material on the ground.

    Wonder: I wonder what type of butterfly species it is.
    I wonder how long the butterfly will live for.

    Infer: I infer that the insect is a stick insect. (When I was in prep our grade used to have leafy stick insects.)
    I infer that the insect has changed its wings into a leaf so if its prey comes it can camouflage easily.


  6. I wonder if the creature is a ant or a bull ant.
    I observe the creature is carrying a leaf on its back
    I infer that he is taking the leaf to its colony


  7. With the pools I know that there is people getting into the pool and getting out of the pool.


  8. Emma I looked at that link and it’s exactly the same!


  9. Observe. I observe that its a leaf insect.
    Wonder. I wonder if a insect researcher found it.
    Infer. I infer its on concrete.


  10. I infer that it’s a with a kind of bug under it

    I observe the bugs legs under Neath it

    I wonder if he lives with his family or not


  11. I observe a butterfly that looks like a leaf.
    I observe the butterfly on a path or concrete.

    I wonder if a lot of its kind gets killed each year.
    I wonder if the butterfly’s predators look at it and think it is a leaf.

    I infer it is an old butterfly because the way and colour its legs look.
    I infer it is looking for a shady place because it looks pretty sunny.


  12. Observe I see a bug under a leaf on a foot path.

    Wonder I wonder if the leaf is attached to the bug .I also wonder if it’s extinct or rare.

    Infer I infer that it’s a bug hiding from predators.


  13. I observe a insect holding a leaf .
    I observe that the looks insect a butterfly

    i wonder how much of thos butterflys are left
    i wonder if its makeing a cocon

    i think it is makeing a cocon
    i think the butterfly looks cool


  14. Laleesha I don’t think it is leaf it’s a mof


  15. i observe this is a leafe bug


  16. I infer the animal is is walking on stone.


  17. I observe that there is a leaf bug standing on the concrete and it look,s like a leaf just sitting there waiting for it,s prey.

    I wonder why the leaf bug is just standing there waiting for something. I also wonder where abouts is it.

    I think that the leaf bug is in a far away place in australia in the malborne city neer the malborne aquarium on a holiday on a brige


  18. I observe this is a bug based on a trianchala


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