Homework – Term 3 Week 6


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  1. I think it is about being contented with what you have. Sometimes we are the ungrateful ones; think about the other people who don’t have Xbox Dolls or any other toys and yet we are still ungrateful, stingy and spoilt.
    Put yourself in their shoes how do you think they would be feeling? No internet, no toys no money! Think about how lucky you are you have internet, you have toys, and you have money you are 75% richer than the people that don’t have those things. So as I said at the top be contented with what you have because 75% of people would really want what you don’t want.


  2. I think it is really sad because there is more adults then children

    I wonder if the children are gonna die as we’ll

    I observe a picture of someone hugging a little girl because they’re sad

    That’s why there’s something Cold Orphanage people


  3. I think its trying to say that we are the lucky ones.
    I wonder if this will happen and there is only 100 people in the future.
    I observe that there is a picture of people.
    I hear sad music.


  4. I infer this is saying that we are the lucky one’s because we have a lot of food and some of them don’t and a lot of the time all of us are happy and a lot of the time a lot of the mare sad.

    I wounder if the children will be able to look after their self’s because some of them don’t have parents to look after them.

    I can observe that they are very poor and their houses and very dirty.


  5. I observe that the people are poor

    I wonder if they will ever become rich

    I infer that the people are either from: Africa Asia and Pakistan


  6. Peace I don’t think there gonna end up rich


  7. I observe sad little and tall children

    I wonder if they are busy to get food for there children

    I think they going to be poor for a very, very, very long time

    I feel sorry for them


  8. Observe I see that there are 50 men and 50 women.

    Infer I think it would be hard to make friends if there was 100 people on earth.

    Wonder I wonder how much people are in there mid ages.


  9. I see a lot of people.I see people from around the world.

    I think the people that that dont believe in God have changed their minds and believe in God now.

    I wonder if Tom march posted the video to get people thinking.I wonder if more people arrived and there is more men or more women.I wonder what the words on the video clip meant.


    • Anyeith I like how you said you thought that Tom March made that video to get people thinking. Because that video really made me think.


  10. Peace I think it was made by Tom march because it says on the video Tom March


  11. I wonder why only one person lives in oceania on earth.

    I observe people starving because there is no food and they are thirsty because there is not that much water.

    I think that they should have food and water so they survive and don,t die


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