Homework – Term 4 Week 1

Playgrounds Of Schools Around The World – Look, Learn, Think Critically and Comment

image image imagePlaygrounds Around The World

This year we have been learning about many elements of schools around the world. Becky Morales from Kid World Citizen has shared another great story for us to take a look at.

1. Which picture surprised you the most that kids playgrounds are different in many ways?

2. Describe one of the pictures with descriptive language.

3. Which school playground would you choose to play in?  Explain why?

Look at all the pictures on the websites to make you choices



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  1. 1. The picture that surprised me the most was the 2nd picture. These are my reasons why.
    The 2nd one looks like to me that the town they live in is very dirty and not very clean i can see bricks on the ground, roofs that have been destroyed, and windows that have been smashed.

    2. The 1st one looks kinda wired to me because they have a lot of space and they only have 4 classrooms. and i don’t know if they are classrooms because they are really small and too small to even be a classroom.

    3. I would like to live in the St Augustine school because it looks like a clam place and a nice place to be and also looks very beautiful with all the trees and some of the trees look like the tress in Hawaii.


  2. 1I would like to play at the Los Angels because it looks really clean

    2 I think that we should play in our school because our school is safe

    3 in Japan the hot blazing sand


  3. I would like to play in the ballet school because it has lots of grass to play in and lots of space and fresh grass


  4. 1. I would of went to Israel school so I could learn how to fight and get on a helicopter and use my first AK-47 and become a army dude

    2.I would live in Israel always go on the helicopter

    3. Big and lond


  5. 1. The Amry high school with the heilcopetr surprised me


  6. I like the ballet school because it is so clean and I think it is so fancy because of the girls they wear ballet dresses that are probably pink or purple or black ballet dresses can be any single colour or ballet dresses can be a rainbow colours.


  7. 1. The play ground that surprised me the most was the st. Augustine because every ones wearing white.

    2. The school in Nepal has lots of buildings and there is a boy climbing into a hole in the middle of the play ground.

    3. I would play in the school for the blind because I like helping people and I would be a great help protecting someone from kidnapping.


  8. I think the Nepal school is a marshal arts school


  9. 1. The one that surprised me the most was St. Augustine in Montserrat Spain because they wear white clothes and what if they get dirty.
    I’ll post the rest tonight.


  10. My favourite is the blind school in Kenya because people who can see help people who can’t see


    • Kaylee >._< ^.^ ^_^

      loss angel-is

      i would love to go to this school because it looks like a nice & friendly school, with palm trees


    • Kaylee >_< ^.^ ^_^

      i would love to play in the blind school with all the climbing things and stuff but im so sad that people want blind peoples body 😦


  11. I would like to go to Los angeles because there is a big school


  12. 1. I would like to go to Nativity school because it looks clean and friendly.

    2. I was surprised with the 2nd school how it is very dirty and it looks old.

    3. The 2nd one has destroyed buildings.


  13. The school that surprised me the most was the paso partita school because it dosn’t look like the classrooms are very big.


  14. I wood like to go to a Clean school.

    1.i wouldn’t like to go to a dirty school.

    2.in our school we have threes that look like Hawaii threes

    3.i wood like to go to clean school.


  15. 2. The school in nepal I not think that the kids should ‘t be there.


  16. I like the second page because of the buildings.


  17. I lilt ted des school ted most.


  18. The school that I was surprised me the most is bhakta vidyashram school because smashed glass can get stuck in their feet and because it’s dirty


  19. 3. i would like to go to the bilnd school because i like the sea side


  20. Likony school for th blinds
    Likony school surprised me the most because it had no gate and it had lots of dust


  21. 1. The picture that surprised me the most was the St. Augustine because the students there wear white clothes.

    2. The dusty dirty sandy ground with hardly any grass growing.

    3. I would play in the army school because you get to fly in a Helicopter and you get all sorts of challenges


  22. 1. The school playground that surprised me the most is Aida Boys’ School in Bethlehem, because it looks like the yard of a prison. There is no grass and not much play equipment and tall wire fences all around.

    2. The school in Japan is neat and tidy and the grass looks very soft. The buildings look beautiful and the whole picture makes the school look pretty.

    3. I would choose to play in the school for the blind in Kenya because it has lots of play equipment, shady trees and you can see the water and boats from the playground.


  23. 1.I would play in the Los Angeles school because It looks calm ans probably a nice place to be.

    2.The picture that surprised me the most Is the ballet school because there was 25 places and 25 people made it in but there was 300 extras that wanted to get in but they couldn’t.

    3.The army school looked powerful


  24. Ari force high school
    How there is a helicopter with a snake on it and they turned it to an army school


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