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Homework – Term 4 Week 9

For this week’s homework I would like you to write down 3 things that you think you did well at last Thursday’s Expo.  Think about the Success Criteria.


Monday 1st December, 2014

Dear 3K,

Today is the first day of a new week, a new month and a new season.

I have put together everybody’s Writers’ Gifts and will give you time this morning to go on with any publishing that you wish to do.  You will get to use the laptops after recess today to go on with any typing up of your writing.  They are starting to look really good.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Friday 28th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

Congratulations on your great efforts at yesterday’s Expo.  I have had lots of positive feedback from other adults about how well you did.  One of the main comments was that you knew your content.  You will be recording some of your own reflections in the hour before recess today.

We will be having Maths Rotations after recess.

You will also be having your third transition session after lunch.  You will line up at the poles so I can walk you into the hall.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Thursday 27th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

Our Expo is today.  We will spend the first 45 minutes of the day setting up in the hall and then the grades and adult visitors will start coming from 9.45 am.

I will be coming around to each group and listening to your talk.  I will have the success criteria with me and I will be recording which criteria I see you achieve.

After recess you will be given the opportunity to go and visit the other grade’s stalls.

Good luck with the Expo.

From Mr. Kilmartin

Wednesday 26th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

Our main focus today will be to get everything prepared for tomorrow’s Expo.

The first thing you will need to do is to finish writing up your Procedural pieces of writing explaining where the water goes in your water systems.  You will be able to type these up onto a word document after recess.

I will also show you the Success Criteria for your oral presentation.

I would suggest that if you haven’t done your homework yet, then you go to the Computer Lab at lunchtime.  This will also help with tomorrow’s oral presentation.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Tuesday 25th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

Our Expo will be held this Thursday.  I will give you some time today to finish your models.  I am hoping that they will all be finished today. You will also be writing up your procedural piece of writing which explains how the water gets to your house and where it goes.

This week’s homework is about the Expo and I would strongly encourage you to complete it before Thursday this week as that will help you with what you are going to tell the people who come and visit your stall.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Homework – Term 4 Week 8

You will be presenting your models at the Expo this Thursday.  Your homework for this week is to write about 3 of the ways that you have included in your model which help to save water.

Friday 21st November, 2014

Dear 3K,

I will be giving you the first 2 hours this morning to finish your model for the Expo.  They are looking great so far.

We will be having Maths Rotations after recess today.

If you have brought a gold coin donation to school then you will be able to go to the disco at lunch time today.  It will be held in the hall.

After lunch you will be having your second transition session for the year.  You will start off in the hall and then go to one of the Grade 3 or 4 teacher’s classrooms.  This will not necessarily be your teacher for next year.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Thursday 20th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

I hope you enjoyed your session with Prep F yesterday.  I will work out a time with Miss Ferguson for us to get together again and finish up our discussion about Aaron Blabey’s books.

There will be no Maths Rotations today as Mrs. Lewellin will be away for part of the day.  Some of her children will be coming in to our classroom at 10.15 am.

If you would like to do your homework, feel free to go to Mrs. Joyce’s room at lunchtime today.  You can also do it at Homework classes tonight.  I would like to have everybody complete their homework this week.

It is Casual Clothes Day tomorrow and if you bring a gold coin donation you can attend the disco at lunchtime as well.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Wednesday 19th November, 2014

Dear 3K,

We will be going over to Miss Ferguson’s grade after lunch today to listen to what the children in her grade have learnt about Aaron Blabey.  I’m sure you will enjoy listening to what they have to say.

After recess we will be doing our final Spelling On-Demand test for the year.  Just like the Maths On-Demand test I would like you to do your very best effort.

I would suggest that you go to the Computer Lab at lunch time today to do your homework if you haven’t already done it.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin


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