Homework – Term 4 Week 6

Forest Lodge Camp

What a great time we had at our Forest Lodge Camp.  I’m sure there were many highlights for you.

Your homework for this week is to write down 3 of those highlights and explain why they were highlights for you.

Here are some photos to help remind you of some of the exciting things that you did at camp.

If you did not go to camp I would like you to do an OWI (Observe, Wonder, Infer) about one of the photos that you can see.

camp 062 camp 065 camp 066 camp 067 camp 070 camp 078 camp 081 camp 085 camp 089 camp 093 camp 039 camp 040 camp 047 camp 067 camp 070   camp 086


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  1. My highlights at forest lodge farm

    1.My highlight at the farm was feeding spider pig because we’ll he ate like a pig.

    2.Another one of my highlights were the giant swing because I got to go on 2 times it was nervewracking and pretty cool.

    3.My last and final highlight was canoeing because we played tiggy and Abby let us go swimming.

    Those are all my highlights


  2. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    4J here is your homework for the week. Mr Kilmartin has placed some great pictures from camp and as you can see you will need to explain 3 highlights from the camp.
    My highlight was definitely the Camp Rock dancing, I thought this was loads of fun.


  3. Mrs Joyce is camp rock your favourite movie?


  4. 1. my first highlight was going on the flying fox because I loved it when I hit the barrel at the end.

    2. my second highlight was bush cooking my damper great and the toffee apples too.

    3. my favourite activity was the low ropes coerce I liked swinging from tier to tier.

    they were all great 🙂


  5. My first highligt is canoein because I thought it was good team work.

    Another highlight is flying fox because when we jumped off it was like we were flying.

    My last and favorite highlight was the giant swing I found it fun because it’s scary.


  6. I like the joint swing because I go up 20 mitres hi

    I like cknoowing because I get wet with weter

    I also like the filing fox because it gos sowe hi


  7. I like conae
    I like the flying fox
    And I like the haybales


  8. My first highlight is flying fox it was fun when you got down the swing.
    My second is couning because of the two games.
    My third one is the giant swing because when fell back.


  9. About camp:
    At camp Forrest lodge farm that I think that I was having super fun at camp on Wednesday and on Thursday because I went on all off the activaties and also I had a bit of trouble on the low ropes at camp and the best activatie that I went on in my whole life is the giant swing because you don’t have to go up all the way to the top you can go half way and you can go all the way to the top and then you have to pull the rope to go down and when you start to go down it feels like you’re stomach has turnd upside down and it makes you feel like that you are going to throw up every where but you will only get the grass.


  10. My higlight at camp was when I went on the giant swing, I was really proud that I was the only girl that went to the top!

    My other highlight was when I did breakfast duty it was so much fun I enjoyed serving people their breakfast I also liked putting the left over food on spider pig.

    My third highlight was playing the game’s in the recreation room, my favourite game was to see how much bounces we could do.
    I really enjoyed camp.


  11. 1 my nubmer 1 highiight is canoeing because we got to play games
    2 is acrey its good to for your aminy like when you go hunting
    3 is the fying fox its fun and its fast


  12. Dear Mr Kilmartin
    At camp on Thursday I think that it was super fun when I whent with my group number one that we went on the conea’s and when we were in the conea’s Ethan and I were in the same conea and we bothy won in gang up tigy.


  13. 1. Archery because it test your strath.


  14. I see people jumping on the hay bales.
    I wonder if the 3/4 unit had any hard challenges?
    I infer that when the 3/4 unit went to forest lodge camp the animals there were scared.


  15. 1. Giant swing because it shows that your starting to get more brave. it was fun.
    2. Archery because it makes your skills get better and greater.
    3.Hut building because it helps you if you want to make a hut because if you build a hut you will know how to build one without gaps so if your parent tips water over you wont get that wet as much as you did it the first time and it will improve your strength.


  16. I liked doings get canoeing because I nealy fell in the water my hand just went in the water

    I liked feeding spider pig because he made sound and he smelled a little bit

    I liked doing the giant swing because when you pull the roap it’s like your falling off


  17. Anna I think your right


  18. My Highlights from Camp
    1. The giant swing was really fun, when you pull the white cord you feel like you are falling, you swing really fast. I went to the top twice and was the first girl and overall the first person in my group.
    2. I liked canoing because my partner and I won the game of gang up tiggy. I got splashed by little drops of water because my partner was having trouble paddaling.
    3. On the last day we played tug of war the girls won 4/5 times the boys won once,


  19. I liked canoeing and low rope andarchery.


  20. i like couning and low rope and achery


  21. About camp:

    When I went canoeing I could taste the dirty, muddy water go into my mouth when Ethan and I were getting splashed by the other people that were in their canoe and splashing us and that is how I got the yucky dirty muddy water in my mouth when we were getting splashed with the dirty muddy water.


  22. About Camp:

    I can smell the mud on my arms and hands and legs and feet and it smelt like the poo from billy the goat that he does heaps and heaps and heaps of plops of poo that really, really, really stinks like gas from a person that farted their bum off their body and when I went canoeing and then we had to hop out of the canoe that we were in and when I got out I slipped over in the water and my arms and legs and feet were covered in heaps and heaps of the mud from the ground.


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