Homework – Term 2 Week 10

Look at the shapes below ,can you name them?

What are the 2d shapes that make up the faces of the 3d shapes?

How many faces, edges and vertices does each shape have?







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  1. Rectangles prism
    Trieangela based pyramid
    Rectangles prism rectangle
    Trianglela based pyramid triangles
    Cube squares
    6 faceses 12 edges 8 vertices rectangles prison


  2. Cube
    Rectangjes prism
    Tried ang based pyramid


  3. Square based pyramid 5 vertices 8 edges 5 faces
    Cube6 faces 12 edges 8 vertices
    Rectangular prison 6 faces 12 edges 8 vertices


  4. Rectangerlerprim 6faces 8verterces 12eges.
    Squre bast permed 5faces 5verterses edeges.

    Cube 6faces 8verterses 12 eges.


  5. Rectangles prism 5vertices 8 edges 5faces .
    Cube 6 faces 12 edges 8vertices
    Square based primed 5 vertices 8 edges 5 faces


  6. Rectangles 5 faces 9 edges 10 vertices
    Trieangel 5 faces 5 edges 8 vertices
    Cube 5 faces 8 edges


  7. Rectangles prism his made out of rectangles
    Treangela based primed is made out of triples
    A cube is made out of squares


  8. Rectangular prism 6 faces 8 vertices 12 eges square rectangle
    square bast pyramid 5 faces 5 eges 8 vertices triangles square
    Cube 6 faces 12 eges 8 vertices squares


  9. square 6 faces 12 edges 8 verticle.tqs
    triangle r prism faces 4 edges 8 verticle 5
    rectangular prism faces 6 edges 12 virtues 8


  10. Cubes have six face’s twelve edge’s and eight vertices.
    Square based piramid four faces eight edges and five vertices .
    Rectangular prism six faces twelve edges and eight vertitces.


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