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Tuesday 1st December, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

The Writer’s Festival is being held today.  It will go from 12.30 pm until 1.00 pm in each of the 4 classrooms.  The whole unit will then move across to the BER building at 1.00 pm for an assembly to finish up the festival.

I will give you some time this morning to go on with your Writers’ Gifts as well as give you an opportunity to practise what you are going to say.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin


Homework – Term 4 Week 9

The 3 / 4 Unit’s Writer’s Festival will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 1st December).  Your homework for this week is to write a reflection about the festival.

You can include

  • which piece of writing was your best and why
  • which was your favourite piece of writing and why
  • what was something that you liked about another child’s writing
  • any feedback that was given to you by an adult
  • one thing you could improve on with next year’s Writer’s Gift.

Monday 30th November, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

Today is our first day of swimming.  We will be leaving at 9.30 am.  I will explain to you what the expectations are.

I hope you have given your Writer’s Festival invitation to the person you wrote it for.  It will be held tomorrow from 12.30 pm till 1.10 pm.

Have a great day,

From Mr.Kilmartin

Friday 27th November,2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

Swimming begins on Monday.  You will need to have brought back your money and forms before you can go.  They are due today.

You will be having another transition session the hour before lunch today.

The Writer’s Festival is next week.  The 3 / 4 Unit will be having there’s on Tuesday.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Thursday 26th November, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

I am away today.  Mrs. Robinson will be taking you for the day.

Don’t forget to bring back your swimming forms and money by tomorrow.  If you need another form you will need to get one from the office.

Some children need to make sure that their homework is handed in by tomorrow.

Mrs. Robinson will give you some time to go on with publishing your work for the Writers’ Gift.  I am expecting that you will keep up the high standard of presentation that you have already done.

A reminder that you need to bring in any materials or equipment that you need for your experiment or model for Inquiry.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Wednesday 25th November, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

You will be doing a couple of tests today – a spelling test and the test I showed you yesterday.  There are a couple of people who also need to finish their On-Demand Spelling and Maths tests in the computer lab.

During P.E. today I will be testing you on Time.  This will not take long at all.

Don’t forget to bring back your swimming money and forms if you haven’t already done so.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Tuesday 24th November, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

I have a grade list from the ladies in the Office that tells me who has paid for their swimming and also who has brought their permission forms back.  I will go through that list with you later on today.  Swimming begins next Monday.

There is no homework this week for the children who completed their homework last week.  If you didn’t do the homework last week I would suggest that you go to Mrs. Joyce’s room at lunchtime today so that you can participate in Free Play this Friday afternoon.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Monday 23rd November, 2015

Dear 3 / 4 K,

I will be giving you time today to go on with publishing both your writing for the Writer’s Festival as well as for our Inquiry Expo.

I have put a post onto the blog about this week’s homework.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Homework – Term 4 Week 8

If you did last week’s homework about listing items that weighed more than and less than one kilogram then you have no homework this week.  You will also be able to join in with the game at this week’s Unit Assembly.  If you didn’t do last week’s homework then you will have to make sure it is completed by this Friday if you would like to join in the game.

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