Homework – Term 4 Week 10

I would like you to write down 3 highlights that you have had at Liddiard Road Primary School this year and the reasons why they were a highlight for you.



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  1. Art


  2. art because i learn things
    pe because i get fit
    libary because i like reading


  3. P.E because we get to play games.
    Inquiry because I got to share my good work with the school.
    concert because I got to dance to a song.


  4. P.E,Art and expos😈😍😎😜😘💩👻🐣💎💳💰💸🚽📰📱💻🇦🇺🎮🎬🎂🎁🎀🍦🍭


  5. Sos mikayla warner got into emojis and posted it


  6. Art I get learn new things
    Pe I have fun


  7. I liked art Because we get to do clay
    I like P.E because I like getting athletic
    I liked expos because I get to share my research
    I liked swimming because I got to pin drop in the deep end
    I liked camp because we got to know people and do fun things and sleep in the same room with my friends


  8. P.e. Because We get to play games
    Art because we get to paint and
    Expo because we get to make stuff
    Swimming because we get to swim


  9. Seda because it’s got to do sports and I love sports 🏈🏉🏀🎾⚽️⚾️
    Swimming because it is the best and you get to cool down 💧💧💦💦
    School exercises becaus you get to go somewhere with your friends 👭😛😊
    Camping with the hint because it’s fun and exciting 🍳🍃🌲
    Start of the year because I got to meet new friends 😅😂😄😃😀😊☺️


  10. Art because it is fun
    Writing because you can write what ever
    Ecshens because we get to go to place
    Camp because it is fun
    P.E because it is fun


  11. Art


  12. I will miss your class next year you are a great teacher
    Next year I am exited to go up into the 5/6 unit and be with miss quigly but i will also be scared to go up there


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