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Welcome to our grade’s blog for 2016.

Throughout the year we will be using our blog for a range of different activities including class work, inquiry, look to learn tasks, photos, videos and homework.

It is very important that everybody learns how to comment on the blog successfully.

To comment on the blog you need to follow the following steps:

  • View a post and press comment
  • Write a descriptive post in sentences/paragraphs
  • Very carefully read through your writing before posting.
  • Write you name and email address…davidk34k@epals.com
  • Press post comment

Today you will write a comment on the blog:

  • Introduce yourself (name and age)
  • Write your interests outside of school
  • Write your favourite school subject/s
  • Write what you really want to learn this year

Add any other detail about yourself


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  1. hi my is josh I am am 8 years old my fabourite thing to do at school I like riting things
    I like socker and I like sport


  2. Hi my name is Daniel and I am 9 years old my faivoret game to play is morder ball and I want
    to learn about work.


  3. Hi my name is Liam I am 9 .
    I like to play at the park , watch T.V , play baseball and cricket and food.
    My favourite subjects are P.E & Art. I like P.E because we play fun games and I like to do art because I learn new art skills.
    I hope we do space as one of our topics.


  4. Hi my name is Ruot I am 10 I like to play basketball.
    I like P.E & ART.I like to play my PS4 at house.
    I like math & reading because I like to watch T.V.


  5. hi my name is jayden I like minecraft. iam 10
    I want to lean how to be a rolemotle for 34 unit


  6. Hi my name is Anakin I am 9.
    I like to play the Wii.
    I to do ICT because we learn lot of things in ICT.
    I want to learn about Australia Day.


  7. Hi my is Xandor I am 7. I like to play X box360. I would like learn Science. I like science.


  8. Hi my name is Jackson I like to play Game and like dog. Ti Good at school.


  9. Hi my name is Robert.
    I like playing my dad’s ps3.
    My favourite game on my dad’s ps3 is gta5.
    At school I like swimming sports because I like swimming the best.
    At school I would like to learn more stuff in art.


  10. Hi my name Jassmyn and I’m 10 year old. When I’m at home I play with my baby Newph and my brother I all so play with my tiger and hang outside. My favourite subject at school is math and writing and I really like learn about writing and math and inquiry


  11. Hi My names is Georgia.I like PE and art my favourite subject is writing. I want to learn about maths this year.


  12. my name is Jerome. and I Like pe and I Like RIod soder
    Jerome goger James


  13. hi my name is josh I like sport and riting things I lick to ralaks and play my ps3
    and I like art and mucic
    I aso like playing at school
    and ilike to play tigy


  14. Hi my name is coby I am 10 yes old I like foolboll I wont to subjact abut maths I wont to lern abut maths.


  15. hi my name is jayden I like miinecraft my fav youber is grian and Taurtis and samgladitor


  16. Hi my name is Zaniel I am 9 I like playing my ps3 and my ps2. I like P.E. at school because we can get energy. I would like to learn how to play shotput.


  17. Hi my name is Brock I am 8 years old.
    Outside of school I like to ride my bike.
    I also like to play Football.
    I like to play with my 2 pet dogs.
    My favourite game is grand thief auto.
    This year I want learn more maths and inquiry.


  18. Hi my Name is Jackson


  19. Hi my name is Daniel and I am 9 years old and I like to play mourderball on the bondrey wall.
    I like writing in my book


  20. Hi my name is Shaylie am 8 I Like to play games.I would like to learn inquiery


  21. hi my name is Evan


  22. Hi my name is Declan l am 8 l hath a ps4


  23. Hi my name Kyle
    I like Football I .m 8
    I wod like pe


  24. 1. Hi my name is Miinee and I am 9.

    2.I like to skip and play the wii and wacht t.v .

    3.I would like to p.e and art and ict.

    4.i would like to lern more about scintes .


  25. Hi my name is sienna my age is 10 and I like sports because it is fun and ceps


  26. Hi my name is Shannen my age is 8.
    I like books . I like P.E Because we play good game.
    I like to leran fun things.


  27. Hi my name is Scarlett my age is 9.
    I like to play with my friend’s.
    I like to Reade books at School
    because its fun.


  28. my name is Jack I am 9 years old. Out of school I play Lego. my favourite school subject is art.


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