Homework – Term 4 Week 4

We have been learning about length.  You made a measuring tool using icy pole sticks.  You also worked with a paper number line and looked at what was printed on a wooden ruler.

Write down 3 things that you learned about measuring length from these tasks.


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  1. I learnt that we need to put the icy pole sticks together
    We can’t hold all of them
    We had to sticky tape the icy poles sticks together


  2. 1. You need a mesuring tool
    2. Ends need to touch
    3. That we need to write 0 at the end


  3. I leant that the icy pole sticks are good for measuring big things.
    I leant that we can not hold all of the icy pole at once.
    We sticky taped them together.


  4. Ends need touch
    We need to use stiky tape


  5. I learnt that we need sticky tape to make them stay strate


  6. I have learnt that ends need to touch
    i learnt that we cannot hold them although
    i learnt that in between the numbers we have to put Fractions


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