Homework – Term 2 Week 6


Use the glossary in a Non-Fiction book you have read to write down the meaning of 3 words from the book.

Write down one fact you learned from the book.


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  1. prey an animal that hunts as food
    nectar a sweet liquid from flowers
    talons sharp , hooked claws
    I learnt eagles have strong stiff wings


  2. The international space station.

    Electricity- a kind of energy.
    Robots- machines.
    Float- to move without touching the ground.

    I learnt there is no gravity in space.


  3. Soil
    1.Roots:Part of a plant that grows under ground
    2.Nutrients:That food necessary for things to grow
    3.Clay: Is stiff sticky dirt
    I learnt that soil is made from little pieces of rock or just pieces of rock.


  4. Rich means ful of good things
    Clay stiff. sticky dirt
    Rot break down into smaller pieces
    Plant have roots that reach down into the soil


  5. The book I read is called Investigating Invertebrates.

    Three words from the glossary,

    Castings: worm droppings.
    Spinnerets: the parts of a spider’s body with which it spins its webs.
    Colonies: groups that live together.

    One fact I learned from the book,
    Worms have tiny hairs on their body, to help them move through the soil.


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