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Friday 1st September, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

Today is NAIDOC Cultural Day.  You will be participating in a number of different sessions throughout the day.

8.45  Assembly including the Acknowledgement of Country

9.45  Looking at Koorie artefacts in the BER Building with Terry and Rex

10.15  Making Koorie Flag Biscuits with Auntie Vera

11.45  Dreamtime Story with Terrylene and Kate

You will also be doing some NAIDOC activities in the classroom with me.

Enjoy the day,

From Mr. Kilmartin


Thursday 31st August, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

Tomorrow is NAIDOC Cultural Day.  You can dress up in the colours of the Aboriginal flag (red, black and yellow) or in the colours of the Torres Strait Islanders flag (blue, green and white).

Homework is due tomorrow.  Those children who complete their homework will be able to play Mr. Andrew’s game at Unit Assembly.

Book Club is also due tomorrow.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Wednesday 30th August, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

I will give you a note today about what you need to wear for your concert item.

If you didn’t buy something from the Father’s Day stall yesterday you can buy something tomorrow morning.

It has been great to see children completing their homework.  This morning’s Reading lesson will help you with doing the homework.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Tuesday 29th August, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

The Father’s Day Stall is today.  You will have an opportunity at some stage this morning to go over and buy something.  The stall will also be open again on Thursday morning before school if you forgot to bring some money today.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Monday 28th August, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

You will be given a chance to work on publishing for your Inquiry Notebook in our Computer Lab time today.  I will explain later what you need to do.

Remember, that Mr. Haberl, Mrs. Van Rooy and Mrs. Robinson will be coming in some time this week to watch your learning.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

Websites for Focus Areas

Benefits to Humans
How do mini-beasts help around the home.
How do insects help the earth?
Why are some mini-beasts becoming endangered in Australia?
How can we protect mini-beasts from becoming endangered in parts of Australia?


Deadly and Dangerous

How can we protect humans from venomous mini-beasts?

How do dangerous mini-beasts use their venom for good?


Impact on the Environment

How are farmers protecting their crops from mini-beasts?

How do mini-beasts destroy people’s gardens?



Homework – Term 3 Week 7

Inference: What are two things you can say about this little boy?

Look at this picture.  What are two things you can say about this little boy?

100 Word Challenge – Giant Spider

The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.’     Ursula K. Le Guin

“By setting a limited word count with a focused theme and a guaranteed audience beyond the class teacher, children have far greater motivation for writing. Those who are reluctant writers feel safe with only 100 words to write, whilst those more advanced writers can really extend themselves with the word restriction.”

Today you will use the following photo prompt to write descriptively. You could be the spider, you may be someone arriving home to see the monster in the wall, you could be a news reporter. Remember you must write 100 words and you must use adjective to describe your nouns.

Here are some sentence starters to get you going:

Arghhhh! I scream …..

I crept outside….

My heart pounded…..


Friday 25th August, 2017

Dear 3 / 4 K,

You have got Global Goals with Mrs. Joyce this morning.  It is the hour before recess.

It is Free Play for those children who haven’t got their name in the Yard Duty twice or more these past 2 weeks.

Have a great day,

From Mr. Kilmartin

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