Homework – Term 4 Week 10

We are coming towards the end of the school year. It has been a very busy year which has included the following

  • Curriculum Clubs (Science, History, Values and Global Goals)
  • Read Alouds such as Fire, Cyclone, Flood, Bushland Lullaby
  • Narrative Writing Lessons
  • Persuasive Writing Lessons
  • Writers Gift
  • Maths Rotations focussing on Addition and Subtraction
  • Maths Rotations focussing on Multiplication and Division
  • Maths Rotations focussing on Fractions
  • Minibeasts Inquiry
  • The Changing Earth Inquiry
  • Camp Coolamatong
  • School Concert
  • Koorie Culture Day

Your homework for this week is to write down 3 events / activities that you thought were your highlights for the year and the reasons why.  They can even be something that happened at school this year that is not on the list.


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  1. 1. Persuasive Writing Lessons because you get to do interesting words and learn about new words that is really cool and awesome.

    2. Writers gift because its like having a book that has your amazing peices of work that we learnt and what we did based on a book like fire drought and flood and australia day all that kind of stuff.

    3.Global goals because its about the world and ending all the stuff that has been going on on this world to end all of the 17 goals and being in a hapy world that people can have a home and girls don’t have to be like maids and people don’t have to live on streets to be a loving carrying world.

    4. history because i love watching Dan and wruwai and the other boy and drawing when happend and drawing the main parts of the book like how the kangaroos got there tails and the bird when the bird steped on the stick and a little bird poked it and all colours SPLASHED out of the birds leg.

    5.Values because its like being kind and making people feel special about them selfs and being respectful to other people when they trip over people come and help them and when a car crash happends people come and help the people out of the car and check if there hurt by the car or the windows broke or anything so they can call 911 and all sorts of that stuff.


  2. the 3 one at the end i messed up D: it had to be streets and be a loving carring world


  3. because you can do the Mouse working problem.


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