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Homework – Term 3 Week 5

Here is some information about bullet ants.  Your homework for this week is to read this information and write down what you think the main point of the article is.  This needs to be written in your own words.

Bullet Ants

Bullet Ants

Called bullet ants because victims often describe the feeling of being stung by this ant as equal to the feeling of being shot by a gun, a person bitten by this ant can feel throbbing and unabated pain that can last for more than a day.


Homework – Term 3 Week 4

Your homework for this week is based on a Fiction Book.  You are to write an Open Minded Portrait of one of the characters in a book you have read.  You need to pretend to be that particular character and write 2 – 3 sentences about what they would say at a particular moment within the story.  Remember to use the word ‘I’ when writing the sentences.

Homework – Term 3 Week 3

Write down the names of the 8 classes of invertebrates and at least one example of each.

Minibeasts come in a huge range of size, shape and colour. They are grouped according to their characteristics. For example, the members of the largest group, the arthropods, all have legs with joints. Four classes of invertebrates belong to this group. These are:


There are four more classes of invertebrates:









Homework – Term 3 Week 2 2017

Your homework for this week is based on a Fiction book.  It can even be on a Fiction book you have already read before.

  1. Write down the title of the book and also the author.

2. Write down the SLIS (Story Line in 1 Sentence) for the book.  A good way to start a SLIS is ‘The book is about a ………… who …………………….. ‘

3.  Write down one important event that happened in the story and why you think this event was important.

Homework – Term 3 Week 1

Graphs are used to present data. It is very important to be able to read graphs so you can learn information about the data being presented.

Your homework is to look at the graph below and post the answers to the following tasks
– Write the title of the graph.
– Write the type of graph.
– What is the scale that is being used in this graph

And at least one piece of information that this graph tells you.



Homework – Term 2 Week 11

Dear 3 / 4 K,

Your homework for this week is to write down

  • one thing that you thought you did well at the Expo
  • one thing that you thought you could improve on next time.

You can use the following sub-headings as a prompt.

  •  Voice
  •  Information
  •  Presentation
  •  Eye Contact
  •  Body Language


Homework – Term 2 Week 10

Look at the images of the 3D shapes below. For each shape complete the following:

– Write the name…

– Write the 2D shape/s that make up the 3D faces

– Write the number of vertices, edges and faces.

Homework – Term 2 Week 9

We have been working on identifying the different letter patterns that make the long e sound.

a) Look at these words and underline the letter pattern that makes the long e sound. For example, feet.

need               seat                honey                        funny             even               people

b) The long e sound in the words below have all been spelt incorrectly. Look at the words and spell them correctly.

eet – _______         peeple – ________                        sunnee – _________


threa – _______     leef – ___________          trea – ___________

Homework – Term 2 Week 8

This week’s homework is based on a Fiction book.

You need to write down some of the interesting words / sentences that the author has used in one of the Take Home books you have read.

It might be some great adjectives (describing words) that the author used.

It could even be an unfamiliar word that the author has used that you would like explained to you as to what it means.

Homework – Term 2 Week 7

We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes.
What are the 2 dimensions that make a 2D shape?
Give 3 examples of a 2D shape.
What are the 3 dimensions that make a 3D shape?
Give 3 examples of a 3D shape.

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