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Homework – Term 4 Week 9

Your homework for this week is to write down 3 items that can be used to measure the capacity of some sort of liquid.


Homework – Term 4 Week 8

Your homework for this week is to write down 3 facts from your autobiography.

Homework – Term 4 Week 7

Your homework for this week is to write down 3 highlights you had at Forest Lodge Camp.

If you did not go to camp you have to write down something that you learned whilst you were in your new grade for those 3 days OR something that you have learned from our grade in the week before we went to camp.


Here is a look at the notes and coins that are in the Australian Money System.

Water Websites

Water Pollution

Water Pollution Facts to Share with Kids

Saving Water


Water for Life

Filtered Water

Water Filter Science Project for Kids

Filtering Experiment – can you do better?

Global Water Crisis


Water and Sanitation


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Homework – Term 4 Week 5

Last week we learned about some ways to help keep us safe.  This included the slogan Recognise, React and Report.


What is one of the clues our body tells us when we start to feel unsafe?



If I feel unsafe I can ______________________________


Name one adult that you could report what happened to if you felt unsafe.



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